Thursday, October 1, 2009

General Battle o' Bands info, observations

We here at the Heirloom Arts Theatre love bands...bands who play music.
And, being Americans, we love war...alright, agreed.
However, we [the heirloom] do not actually endorse any "Battle of the Bands" events. Certain promoters do rent our venue for such events, and we laud them for their efforts.
We [the Heirloom] have no say in who will be booked for such an event.
We [the Heirloom] have no 'vote' in any process pertaining to the "Band Battle" thingy.
We [the Heirloom] are not obligated to book any band who has won/lost/tied/retreated from any "Battle of the Bands" type event...this being an event booked outside of our regularly scheduled "non battle of the bands" type events.
We [the Heirloom] are not about to formulate opinions on the type of bands that DO perform at "Battle of the Bands" events, ensured that the reasons are myriad; the performers, legion.
So therefore, and in closing, We [the Heirloom] kindly ask you [the performer-band members-parents of the accused-friends-extended families-organizations involved with-corporations endorsing-management-and all bodies, living-deceased with any reason whatsoever to even think of contacting us directly about such events....] not to contact us [the Heirloom] in regards to such events (past-present-future)...unless
a) in the case you have lost the contact information for the promoter
b)you are in need of directions...which are on the main page of our websites, anyways
c)you would like to actually get your band booked here in the first place.

Good luck, and if you find youself outmanned, outmanuevered, outflanked and outfought...just remember that you should have had yourself a good breakfast this morning, and this would never have happened...